Jessica McQuay - Author of the Paige Taylor Series
Jessica McQuay - Author of the Paige Taylor Series
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Black Moon - Paige Tailor Series

Welcome to the Website of Jessica McQuay!

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my home on the web.

Have a look around and find out what is going on with me and of course, what is going on with Black Moon and the characters from the Paige Tailor series. Be sure to check out the trailer and share it with your friends.

My website isn't the only place I like to hang out! Find me on facebook, goodreads and twitter. The links are all below. Happy Browsing!

Ps. I love to hear from my fans, so feel free to send me a message by clicking the contact me link above.


Watch Black Moon's official trailer:
What's New? Things I love, and you will, too!
  • My Favorite Author: Kim Harrison! Can't get enough of her Rachel Morgan/Hollows series!
  • Starbucks, or more specifically a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. It's just cruel and unusual punishment that they only come out with it during the holiday season.
  • Zuuuumba! It's my escape. Who doesn't love to dance in a large choreographed group of women to Latin inspired and Hit list music?